Augmented Climbing Wall

Interactive graphics and games maximize the capacity of any wall.

Playclimb Xtreme

PlayClimb Xtreme offers unique climbing challenges for all ages.

Play Slides

Made from patented surface; our dry slides produce less surface friction than a water slide.

Warrior Course

Combine Ninja Warrior with Parkour to create a new adventure.


We offer a wide range of professionally designed and built obstacles, components, and courses to create the perfect parkour park.

Air Parkour

Our Air Parkour product line is perfect for learning or practicing parkour with all the challenges, but safer.

Aerial Course

Aerial adventure courses are the latest trend in commercial recreation.


Custom designed Play Nets are built for endless fun and safety.


Indoor ziplines provide a fast and fun flying experience.

Sport Climb

For the more competitive climber, SportClimb is the perfect solution.

Natural Rock

Natural Rock combines the beauty of Mother Nature with indoor climbing.

Modular Panels

Modular climbing panels are great for homes, schools, or businesses

Play Boulders

Play Boulders are perfect for kids and offer a unique climbing experience.


Free falling at its extreme with PowerFan.

Smart Belay

Set aside the fear of falling with this revolutionary safety product.


Continuous engineered safety system designed for aerial adventure parks.


TRUBLUE™ is the next generation of climbing wall automatic belays.

Zip Stop

Zip Stop offers the latest technology for mechanical breaking on Ziplines.

Landing Surfaces

Safety landing surfaces offer added protection and security.


Use fiberglass volumes to further the climbing challenge.

Climbing Holds

Our climbing holds come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes.

Wood Volumes

Add interesting and fun obstacles with our wood volumes.

Fiberglass Volumes

Use fiberglass volumes to further the climbing challenge.