The modular climbing panels by Adventure Solutions are a perfect way to add unique, kid-friendly rock climbing walls to a new bedroom, school gymnasium, or any other child’s stomping grounds.
We’ll work with you to design and deliver a unique set of panels that are perfect for the theme you are seeking.

We make it easy to unload and install. Panels can be setup either horizontally or vertically to create any size rock climbing wall. For your dollar, nothing gets your project off the ground easier, faster, or more economically.

These commercial climbing panels are designed for a wide range of facilities looking for affordable climbing wall solutions. Our customizable panels are the very highest quality in the industry.


Available in 4 foot by 8 foot sections, modular panels can be surfaced with natural rock. These panels come either flat, or with 2ft bulges in each panel’s topography. Built to last, all natural rock modular panels may be used indoors or out.

As opposed to truly flat walls, climbers will enjoy grasping and perching on every nook and bump. Natural rock will add character to your space, allowing participants to experience the thrill of climbing in nature, but with the safety of an engineered space. It does not matter how many panels make up your wall, natural rock climbing modular panels bring beauty and build brawn.