Harness the power of flight with ziplines! The possibilities are endless with Adventure Solutions ziplines.

Canopy Tours

Soar above the tree tops! Canopy Tours are designed for maximum excitement.

Play Slides

Made from patented surface; our dry slides produce less surface friction than a water slide.


Experience the longest, highest, and fastest zipline in the industry! Zip up to 7,000′ at speeds up to 130 mph.


We design and create custom playgrounds of any size.

Air Parkour

Our exclusive Air Parkour products can be customized and setup to build the ultimate parkour course to practice and learn safely outdoors.


Bold colors and creative shapes offer kids a one of a kind play experience.


Looking for the latest elements in Obstacle Course Racing!

Aerial Course

Aerial adventure courses are the latest trend in commercial recreation.


More than a wild adrenaline rush, the AvatarOne™ is a new breed of ride.


Experience the forest from the treetops at your own pace.

Zip Wing

Soar through the clouds, fly like a bird! Zip Wing lets you fly… safely.

Warrior Course

Combine Ninja Warrior with Parkour to create a new adventure.

Free Fall Drop

Free fall up to 30′ and land in a cushion of air.


Are you looking for the ultimate “wow” factor for your next big event?

Mobile Units

Get your adventure business off the ground with our configurable activity stand!


Freefall up to 350′ with this highly engineered machice.

Ropes Courses

Traditional Team, Low and High Ropes Elements.

Natural Rock

Natural Rock combines the beauty of Mother Nature with indoor climbing.

Play Boulders

Play Boulders are perfect for kids and offer a unique climbing experience.


The Quick Jump gives rider the feeling of a free fall, while safely controlling their descent.

Zip Stop

Zip Stop offers the latest technology for mechanical breaking on Ziplines.


TRUBLUE™ is the next generation of climbing wall automatic belays.

Smart Belay

This revolutionary safety product sets aside fear and concern.

Modular Panels

Modular panels are great for homes, schools or businesses.

Playclimb Xtreme

PlayClimb Xtreme is designed to offer a unique, one-of-a-kind experience.

Bungee Launcher

Launch to a height of up to 65′ in 1.5 seconds with a power of 3.5 G force.


We carry the largest range of speciality gear in the industry.


Continuous engineered safety system designed for aerial adventure parks.

Climbing Holds

Climbing holds