Modular Panels


Modular climbing panels are great for homes, schools or businesses looking for an affordable and easy to install climbing wall. Panels are typically shipped as 2′ x 4′, 4′ x 4′ or 4′ x 8′ pieces; allowing for easy unloading and installing. Adventure Solutions offers a wide range of panel options to meet your needs. Modular panels are designed to mount directly to a stud or cinderblock wall. Panels can be stacked horizontally or vertically to create any size wall.


Our biggest breakthrough in modular panels in 16 years. All climbing wall builders offer various roll or spray on textures to cover the plywood. In almost every case the surfaces are stained or painted. Our newest thermoplastic panels have a layer of laminated plastic that is designed for ultimate durablity.


PlayClimb Modular offers customers a modular version of our PlayClimb climbing walls. Aimed at kids ages 3 and up, PlayClimb takes climbing walls and gives them creative twists and turns. With PlayClimb, children can scale giant flowers, climb up colorful schools of fish, or claw their way up fossilized dinosaur remains. The possibilities are endless!

We currently offer over 40 themed PlayClimb Modular walls, and we are constantly developing new ones. Have a special theme? Let our team develop just the right wall for you. Walls can be designed vertically or horizontally to meet your needs.

Creative and fanciful, yet safe and built to last, our PlayClimb walls provide young climbers with stimulating ways to exercise and have fun!


Traditionally, climbing walls have been out of reach for many homeowners—not necessarily because of the cost of the walls themselves, but rather shipping and unloading costs. Since large 4’x8’x¾” panels had to ship by commercial truck, the shipping costs were often more than the walls themselves! Additionally, once the panels arrived, they would require professional equipment to unload the truck.

Adventure Solutions’ new residential modular climbing panel line changes everything! By scaling down panel sizes to lightweight, manageable sections, we can ship them to you affordably via UPS. Our residential panels ship as 2’x4’x½” panel sections and weigh 33% less than traditional climbing panels.

So get ready for a climbing experience from the comfort of your own home. Line the walls of your home gym and your child’s room, or build an outdoor climb that will be the envy of your neighborhood!


Adventure Solutions’ line of commercial climbing panels is designed for a wide range of facilities looking for affordable climbing wall solutions. Our customizable panels are perfect for schools, recreation departments, health and fitness centers, training centers, and entertainment venues.