Ziplines Construction

Through our engineering excellence and passion for quality, Adventure Solutions installs ziplines between platforms, cliffs, rooftops, and ledges, to give adventure-seekers of all ages the rides of their lives. Our zipline platforms are designed by our licensed engineer to assure ultimate safety, and the highest quality design for extended wear and tear while controlling costs.

Zipline Engineering

Let us build you standalone departure and arrival towers and platforms at camps or corporate retreats, where throughput is not a main priority. Or let us construct two or more parallel ziplines at your facility to maximize throughput and allow friends to race each other side by side. Situate your zipline between towers, or stretch it across water or canyons. Mix and match “Superman” or “seated” harness styles to give your riders their preferred method of flight. No matter what you envision, Adventure Solutions are the zip line installers that can make your dreams come true!

Installing a Zip Line

All of our zipline designs use one of two braking solutions that stop all riders smoothly at the end platform while ensuring a fun, fast, and safe ride! We offer self-regulating magnetic braking systems to brake zipline participants safely and comfortably. We also offer more cost-effective, semi-automatic, guide-operated systems that use braking blocks and weights to slow down riders as they approach the platform. Both systems apply the brake automatically, and both reset automatically to reduce the potential for operator error.

Installing a Commercial Zipline with Safety in Mind

We know that our ziplines are built for maximum safety, but we want them to look and feel safe, too. That’s why we design all of our ziplines with a minimum ½” thick steel cable. Unlike thinner, less expensive cables, our ziplines provide the maximum level of comfort for riders, while providing unmatched safety for riders and staff alike. All of our connections are made from galvanized structural steel, which prevents rust and corrosion. We offer a wide range of fabrication services and materials to give more options than most of our competitors.

Professional Zipline Install

Our zipline systems combine incredible excitement with strong visual appeal and unparalleled safety. Each project receives the same level of care and safety, no matter the size, location, or investment. As a result, all of our ziplines are exceptionally safe, visually pleasing, and extremely long-lasting.