Playclimb Xtreme is designed to offer kids and adults a unique one of kind experience. As the latest trend in climbing, PlayClimb Xtreme offers individuals a wide range of unique climbing challenges. Whether you are looking to provide an additional activity to your facility or build an entire indoor adventure park, Adventure Solutions has you covered.


The backdrop is high gloss diamond plate steel. We designed a custom climbing hold that is shaped like a softball. The holds are hollow and wired with an LED light system, to create illuminated holds. This wall looks amazing and is fun to climb.


Molded from real rock, Natural Rock provides the real life experience of climbing on rock.


Each 8′ disc is set flush with the wall and designed to spin clockwise or counter-clockwise when weighted by the participant. A control knob on each wheel allows you to control spin speed through a patented hydraulic regulator. Set the knob to slow for an easy challenge or turn it up for an Xtreme challenge. Kids and adults will love this exciting activity.


This wall is designed with various sized protruding discs that spin. Each disc can easily be locked in placed or allowed to spin allowing you to vary the difficulty level of the climb.


Clear acrylic panels allow you to see the person climbing on the other side. Race a friend or challenge them to follow your moves up the wall. Each wall is laid out with the exact same holds and pattern so each person experiences the same climb.


Challenge yourself to see how fast you can climb the wall. This wall includes LED timer and touch pads for start and finish. Our optional sound system counts down the start and cheers you on as you climb. Two speed walls can be placed side by side so you can race your friend to the top. Our new speed timer system offers colorful LED touchpads, sound tracks and timer.