Adventure Solutions offers a wide range of services to help you with your project. Whether it is a simple concept for a zipline, or an entire adventure park layout, we can help you plan, design, construct and install your project…on budget, and on time. We also offer turnkey services that help you get your adventure business up and running quickly, with minimal headaches and interruptions. Finally, Adventure Solutions can assist you with marketing strategies and guidelines for profitability, safety inspections, site planning and staff training.

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Maximum Flexibility To Meet Your Needs

You build it with our experience. We realize many businesses have in house construction capabilities. Adventure Solutions Design / Supply service starts with a complete set of engineered construction documents. We provide any specialty hardware / products that you can not source directly and we include 1 builder to oversee your construction team. This solution combines your construction expertise with our design and specialty equipment.


Total Supply

Let us handle everything.  We design, fabricate and install the entire project.  By choosing design/build you tap into the benefits of time savings on project completion, cost savings, and improved communication between the design and construction teams. Choose design/build for the whole project or just the critical areas – We can help you decide.

We believe that a proactive approach leads to a successful engagement.  Through a combination of project management, engineered design, construction and installation, we provide the best solutions that meet your own personal vision.  Our specialized project phases are as follows: