The ZipSTOP is the most sophisticated zip line braking system.

We can all agree that a rapidly moving person on a zip line or canopy tour needs to eventually come to a safe halt. Traditionally, the industry relies on two methods – hand braking and gravity, putting patrons and staff at risk.

As one of the top zip line installation companies, we encourage facilities to invest in a zipSTOP Brake Kit. This kit is a controlled braking device designed specifically for the zip line industry. The mechanism is designed for a range of rider weights and approach speeds. This allows a consistent and smooth braking force for all riders.

The installation of ZipSTOP is simple and essentially self-regulating with an automatic line reset. The line reset allows operating costs to be kept at a minimum. This patented braking mechanism helps minimize varying deceleration rates between children and adults, making stopping more predictable and manageable.

The ZipSTOP is made up of wear-proof parts; keeping reliability high and maintenance and operating costs low.

With the ZipSTOP, we can eliminate the worry that accompanies a rapidly approaching zipliner, with the top technology in the zipline industry, without compromising comfort and high velocity.